A sampling of testimonials received from patients/patient families and caseworkers follows:

The comments, expressions of thanks and general observations shared with us by the patients after they conclude their trips bear testimony to the sincere appreciation felt by the client traveler. These comments are important to us because we really don’t have the opportunity to talk to patients after they arrive back home, and HIPPA regulations prevent us from asking medically-related questions. We sincerely want to know the resulting impact – hopefully improvement – in health condition as the outcome of patient trips. We can only learn this as patients let us know how things are going and the difference our service makes in their quality of life.

I wish to thank Angel Wheels to Healing for the generous donation.  At very trying times, these tokens of kindness and sharing, eases the great burdens of travel expenses to necessary medical appts, that make it possible for me to survive.  From the bottom of my heart.  Thanks you!!

Matthew M.

Thank you for helping us during our time of need. We travel nearly 675 miles every two weeks for medical treatment. We have been traveling for nearly 2 years with no end in site. It has become very very difficult for us to financial absorb these high medical travel expenses. Your organization is making a difference to us personally and we just wanted to “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts.

Matthew and Karen

I cannot find the words to thank you enough for all the tremendous help and support you have given me.

P. J.

Your gift not only helps us financially but it touches my heart in such a way it brings me to tears. To think that someone that doesn’t know us reaches out. Again thank you…

Testimonial 27 02 110244

Words can not express the gratitude we feel for your help. Noah would not be able to go to Charlottesville for his surgery without your help. We are so very thankful for Angel Wheels. May God bless you all.

Testimonial 27 02 110236

Thank you so much for your recent gift of gas cards to help with my daily trips to Cayuga Medical Center for radiation therapy. This has been a challenge for us – the new cancer diagnosis, the many tests and trips for medical help, etc. Your gift will help us to be able to get through this hard time. We are thankful to know God watches over us and that you all are part of his care for us.

Testimonial 27 02 110228

I just wanted to thank you! I have a patient in need of life saving organ transplant as a result of two complicated diagnosis. He has very little money and lives 4 hours away from UCLA. Your agency assisted this patient and his daughter with the gas money they needed to get here for evaluation. You all make a huge difference and I am very grateful for you!

Testimonial 27 02 110218

Thank you for your generosity and help in paying towards our traveling expenses. Organizations such as yours are the rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds of the illness we are battling. Thank you for your care and concern and for showing us that we are not alone.

Testimonial 27 02 110210

I want to say thank you for the gas card that you gave me. I don’t know if you really know how this helps me get to my Doctors at Vanderbilt. God made Angels and your program sure feels like angels are watching over me and a lot of other sick people. I can now get to my appointment without worrying if I can get back home without running out of gas.

Testimonial 27 02 110201

I so want to thank you for the gift card to buy gas to go see my doctors in Columbus, Ohio. I was supposed to see them in March but was unable to get there because of not having gas money. You have no way of knowing how much this means to me. (((Hugs))) Keep up your good efforts! My life depends on seeing my doctor regularly. Thus the gift card will make it happen.

Testimonial 27 02 110253