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Angel Wheels’ mission is to ensure that no one in need is denied medical care because of a lack of transportation.

Angel Wheels™ is a non-profit charity, dedicated to providing non-emergency, long-distance ground transportation to financially disadvantaged, ambulatory patients who are traveling for treatment. A typical trip supported by Angel Wheels does not exceed 300 miles (one-way), and we do not normally handle trips within a local area or community. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case

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basis, routinely for cancer patients traveling daily for treatment.

Angel Wheels to Healing utilizes the following resources for assisting patients:

  • Gas cards (Provided to help off-set fuel cost for patients)
  • Bus Tickets (Greyhound, Trailways, etc.)
  • Train Tickets (Amtrak)

Modes of Transportation

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Greyhound – Trailways – Tickets purchased as Will Call. If we have ample lead time, we can mail tickets.

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Amtrak – Tickets purchased as Will Call. If we have ample lead time, we can mail tickets.

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Gas Card

Gas cards purchased from major companies and mailed to patients… typically takes 7-10 business days.

Qualifications for Angel Wheels

  1. Scheduled medical appointment
  2. Clearance by physician to travel
  3. Verifiable financial need

All services provided by Angel Wheels are free to clients. We prefer 10 days’ notice to provide assistance.

Angel Wheels, like all non-profits, is at the mercy of donors. While we desire to help everyone with a financial need, at times we simply are unable to, due to lack of funds.

Our History

To better reflect the growing scope of our charity where we’re utilizing various ground transportation options, we renamed the program Angel Wheels.

The original Angel Bus program was founded by Mr. William L. (Bill) Connor in May 2000. The inspiration for founding Angel Bus was derived when Bill’s son, Jaran, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His treatment required routine travel, hours away from home.  Bill used his converted luxury bus to take his son to Mayo Clinic so Jaran could travel in comfort. This became the model and inspiration for Angel Bus.

Bill’s hard work and dedication to the mission of Angel Bus resulted in the rapid increase in the number of volunteer drivers wishing to provide their service. Angel Bus quickly became a lifeline for many families as volunteer drivers were matched with trips in various regions of the United States.

Angel Wheels, a national non-profit charity, took over the administration of the program in 2009 and is actively working to fulfill Bill’s vision of providing charitable ground transportation to patients in need.


Hear Stories From The People We Help

Everyday we help a special someone with the transportation they need to receive often life-saving medical care.

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Every Donation Helps

No matter how much you choose to give, your donation to Angel Wheels has an impact. Your contribution allows you to become part of the solution to the serious issue of access to health care for the less fortunate.

Please help us save another life with a donation that can permanently transform a person’s life!

Will you help make a dream come true? It only costs an average of $.52 a mile for Angel Wheels to provide transportation to someone in need.

Due to generous partners 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to program expenses.

A $21 donation provides a one-way trip on Greyhound for an low-income patient traveling from Norfolk, Virginia to Richmond, Virginia for an appointment with a specialist at the Medical College of Virginia.

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October 31, 2017

Thank you so much for arranging transportation, I’m so excited, this will mean so much. Now I can concentrate on the cancer treatment.

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